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How's the island life? Happy Balearic Islands Day!

Everything is relaxed here: traffic, shopping, day to day life, visiting a beach, the rhythm of life…but everything is of quality.If you don´t believe us, just ask any person who lives here (born here or permanent resident) if they really are where they are meant to be. The answer is yes, a definite yes that makes the life on the island incredible.  There is much talk about the hustle and bustle that the Balearic islands hosts in the summer months, but little is said about how beautiful life is when you live here. On the occasion of the celebration of the Day of the Balearic Islands, which is celebrated every year on March 1, we want to share a piece of the lifestyle that resides in the islands throughout the year.

 The protected beauty 

The Balearic islands are a paradise that has to be protected.That's why we keep the natural beauty of each one of our islands. There are spots on the island that are included in the World Heritage, such as Mallorca, Sierra of Tramuntana and the song of the sybil and our beloved sister Menorca, named a natural reserve of the biosphere.Our home, Ibiza: the majestic fortified enclosure of Dalt Vila and something as precious and beautiful as the Posidonia algae, which is responsible for maintaining our crystal clear waters. Last but not least, a magical and heavenly spot of the Balearic islands: Formentera. Its clear waters, white sands and that freedom sensation when you set foot on the island.Also declared part of the World Heritage, visitors can find here some of the most unique beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

Photo by David Švihovec

The two souls of the islands 

A very popular destination for tourists from all around the world. Both Ibiza and Mallorca, Menorca or Formentera are mostly visited from May to October. The crystal clear water, the parties both day and night and the summer dream become the reason for which different types of tourists come visit. The parties, debauchery and electronic music triumph above all in Ibiza. It´s also true that just as we have night tourism, we also have the absolute relaxation tourism: for those who love tranquility, nature, getting away from everything for a moment and contemplating a fascinating setting. The natural decor is exceptional, the beaches and gulfs are splendid and life in the Mediterranean inspires the tranquility that some of us look for and that one can definitely find here.  Families in search of quiet areas, relaxation, gastronomy and art, the Hippie spirit and the musical culture.

Photo by Luanda Lopes

The climate of the Balearic Islands

Another reason to visit the islands all year round. We are very lucky to have more than 300 sunny days a year! The warm sun, the sea breeze and the waves…any day can become a beach day. Many islanders share their pictures in winter, celebrating the big privilege of living here. Thanks to the good temperatures, the islands become the perfect destination all year round.Moreover, there are open air activities, such as bike riding, walking by the ocean, golfing, sailing or cycling.

No, living on an island is not for everyone 

It's true that living on an island has its downsides; hence not everyone could live here. There are no big storage units or comercial centers or that many shops for that matter and the rhythm of the life can become quite stressful in summer or the island can become too small in winter. There can also be fewer opportunities in which regards studies, work, entertainment or cultural events. Nonetheless, there are some people who don´t need all of that. For some of us, the quality of the lifestyle becomes a priority. Those of us who live here love it…rush hours don´t exist, the sunsets become a ritual, a day at the beach or the sensation of not needing much when you live on one of the most beautiful islands is one of the best feelings in the world.

Hostal La Torre - photo by Luanda Lopes

Every year, the four islands that form the Balearics put on their party hats and celebrate the Status of Autonomy. We´re not only talking about the special day itself, but also about the gastronomical, sports and cultural activities to celebrate this day. Happy Balearic Islands Day! 

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